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Rain is life, and life depends on it… This is the concept behind Mvua African Rain SPA, a balanced oasis to calm the body and senses. Our guests can let themselves be pampered by the skilful hands of our experts at the wellness centre.

Sandies Tropical Village spa

In Africa, rain means life.

The rain refreshes after the day’s heat, rehydrating the soil after the lack of water, reawakening the senses and releasing the aromas of the jungle.

Capturing the beauty and magic of the African environment, Mvua African Rain Spa offers guests at Diamonds Dream of Africa colours and images of the African landscape in a relaxing and welcoming environment which invites them to savour a unique and precious experience.

Here you will find all the ingredients you need to free body and mind. Mvua African Rain Spa uses natural ingredients and resources such as plants, flowers, salt, cereals, spices, wild honey and unrefined sugar.

The treatments are based on ancient African, Asian and European traditions with the single aim of reinvigorating body and soul and enlightening the mind.  After visiting the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Mvua African Rain Spa you will feel that this experience should never end, and you will return time and time again.


Sandies Coconut Village spa


Turkish bath and hydrotherapy bath

Relaxation packages

These are the ideal moments to relax the mind, body and spirit. These treatments complete a perfect holiday. The duration ranges between 80 and 260 minutes.

Signature treatments

The perfect way to pamper yourself during your stay. Natural and healthy products are selected to rebalance, refresh and relax your body and mind.


Various professional massage techniques are used to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Rituals and scrubs

These special rituals and scrubs are detoxifying and decongesting tailored treatments to improve circulation and nutrition. Natural products from Zanzibar and the rest of the world are used.

Face treatment

Relax in the talented hands of our therapists who will help improve the elasticity of your skin.